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本贴由admin于2020年3月14日更新。 外汇交易平台诚招IB代理: 如何才能零投资,零风险,而又获得高回报呢?代理商计划让这一梦想变为现实。 您无需启动资金,无需经过专业的业务培训,无需对外汇市场进行深入彻底地了解,您所需要的,是耐心发展自己的事业。 我们的代理商计划非常的简单和有效,你可以在各论坛发帖并放上您的代理商链接,你就会拥有源源不断的客户群。 公司盛情邀请感兴趣的伙伴加入,我们一起共同创造财富。 注意:IB代理账户可以是代理账户,也可以入金做外汇交易,但不
金融产品交易服务商外汇交易平台官网地址:官网首页: https://44ea.com/a/?i=1 账户注册页: https://44ea.com/a/?i=2 账户中心登录页:https://44ea.com/a/?i=3 客户端下载页:https://44ea.com/a/?i=4 模拟账户注册页:https://44ea.com/a/?i=5 服务QQ: 800019158 电 话: 01084053677150%入金奖励特惠活动:https://44ea.com/fx3-1-1.html 我们的优势 成功获利的根本因素之一在于选择一家对的公司开户和交易!了解我们的优势,将帮助您在金融市场上更舒适、方便、轻松、高效地投
炒黄金、炒外汇,150%入金奖励特惠活动,入金100,赠送150,等于250到账,入金越多送金越多,奖金可提现。人民币支付,美元到账,充值汇率低至5:1 当天新老客户均可参加,活动要求开设一个新的账户入金参加。 官网首页: https://44ea.com/a/?i=1 账户注册页: https://44ea.com/a/?i=2 账户中心登录页:https://44ea.com/a/?i=3 客户端下载页:https://44ea.com/a/?i=4 模拟账户注册页:https://44ea.com/a/?i=5 服务QQ: 800019158 电 话: 01084053677 优惠一:通过任意人民币入金通道充
炒黃金、炒外匯,150%入金獎勵特惠活動,入金100,贈送150,等于250到賬,入金越多送金越多,獎金可提現。人民幣支付,美元到賬,充值匯率低至5:1 當天新老客戶均可參加,活動要求開設一個新的賬戶入金參加。 官網首頁: https://44ea.com/a/?i=1 賬戶注冊頁: https://44ea.com/a/?i=2 賬戶中心登錄頁:https://44ea.com/a/?i=3 客戶端下載頁:https://44ea.com/a/?i=4 模擬賬戶注冊頁:https://44ea.com/a/?i=5 服務QQ: 800019158 電 話: 01084053677 優惠一:通過任意人民幣入金通道充值任意金額,人民幣支付,美元到賬,充值匯率低至5:1 例如:原來入金100美元需支付700元人民幣,而活動當天入金100美元僅需支付500元人民幣! 優惠二: 參加優惠一的同時還可獲得150%入金獎勵!疊加優惠更劃算。獲取150%入金獎勵只需簡單幾步: 1. 微信掃一掃下方二維碼關注NordFX外匯官方微信並截屏: 2. 進入官方微信號,點擊底部菜單“獎勵活動” – “匯率優惠”,分享活動鏈接至朋友圈並截屏; 3. 入金大于100美元的任意數目,均可獲贈入金額乘以1.5倍的獎金
初めて成功に開設され、3日間受領できる$ 100ドル义人という給付金。 100給付金を無料领、オープニングのだけ送って100ドル、炒めた外貨が送って100ドル、会社を通じて「給付金100活動」を開設、バイヤーたちの新しい機会の提供した会社は未来の一年の繁栄のための発展の基础。それは完全にプレゼントした、それはそれらの试みない外為取引の顧客の我々が質��高いサービスを無料体験の機会に、この資金が会社に提供した顧客が無料取り引きの使用、あなたは口座開設後、何の資金が入金しないから、取引は60日間の取引満10すれば手は給付金及び収益金を示した。 1歩は登録口座、住所:http://url.cn/5KhpbGP 第2歩、登録後接続いい個人センター個人資料を補完し、身分やカードの両面を掲載し、資料を提出した。(資料を補完しなければならない才能をプレゼントした100万ドル)。 3歩、「個人中心」のトップページに戻った「クリック受給」ボタンをクリックすれば成功し100億ドルの資金を。 口座を開設した後、自主的に金の顧客も、10%の入学金奨励。
BONUS* 55% OF THE DEPOSIT Bonus is a real chance to improve your results of trading in the financial markets and to seriously increase your profits. To receive the bonus, make a deposit according to the table: REGISTER OPEN ACCOUNT RULES OF ACTION [*]The customer can receive the bonus only once and only for one account. [*]If the customer has several accounts, the bonus can be obtained only for one of them. [*]Only one bonus can be received for one IP address. If the bonus is granted for two (or more) accounts opened from one IP, the bonus amount will be debited from all accounts except the account for which the bonus was first requested. [*]An internal transfer between accounts is not considered to be a deposit. Hence, the bonus claim cannot be submitted for a deposit made by internal transfer. [*]The 55% Bonus promotion is intended only for “Micro” and “Standard” accounts
FOREX BONUS* UP TO 100% ON YOUR DEPOSIT *Bonuses are credited only within 48 hours after account verification. The bonus and the initial deposit can be withdrawn after the required number of lots is closed. Profits can be withdrawn without restrictions.REGISTER OPEN ACCOUNT [*]The customer has the right to get a bonus only once and for one account only. [*]If the customer has several accounts, the bonus can be obtained for one account only. [*]To receive the bonus, the customer should get his/her account verified and deposit at least $250 into the account. [*]The bonus can be obtained only within 48 hours after account verification. [*]The promotion is intended only for “Micro,” “Account 1:1000” and “Standard” MT4 accounts. The offer does not extend to “Welcome!”, “Standard-MT5,” “ZuluTrade,” “MT-ECN,” “Integral” and “Premium” accounts. [*]From one IP addr
Trading Signals
NordFX offers all its customers access to an innovative autotrading service “Signals” from the developer of MT4 and MT5 platforms – MetaQuotes Software Corp.The service is directly integrated into MT4 and MT5 platforms, allows traders to connect to thousands of trading signals providers all over the world and copy preferred signals in their accounts automatically. Any trader can also become a signals provider and make an extra income.Advantages of the “Signals” service: [*]simple and easy subscription to signals; [*]special protection of subscribers from wrong calculations of trading lot sizes and excessive deposit load; [*]complete transparency of trading history; [*]a high level of security both for traders and signals providers; [*]no third-party access to accounts and balances held by traders and providers – even the investor password isn’t requested for subscription; [*
Trading Platforms
Details[/backcolor]MetaTrader 4 [*]Trading operations on the Forex and precious metals markets; [*]Different timeframes for trading; [*]Instant Execution and Market Execution; [*]Various types of orders, which allows using any trading strategy; [*]Possibility to create and test your own indicators and scripts; [*]Technical analysis with a large number of indicators and other graphical tools; [*]High-grade security of trading transactions; [*]Possibility to have news feeds from leading information agencies. Download MetaTrader 4[/backcolor]
FOREX WITH NORDFX You Set Goals – We Point the Way Minimal investments. Flexible conditions. Advisors’ input every step of the way. Open a Trading Account[/backcolor] Open a Trading Account
Contest for Demo Accounts March Contest
Since March 2010, every month NordFX holds a two-week DemoCup contest. The monthly draw is $3,500. The annual prize pool is $42,000. Anyone may take part in the contest and absolutely free of charge. Competition time: from now until July 14, 2017 period may sign up. START: 03.07.2017 00:00 (SERVER TIME) FINISH: 14.07.2017 22:00 (SERVER TIME) Free Participation Real Money Prizes Only practice (demo) accounts may participate in the contest, however all awards are real. Who might become a winner? The names of top 10 are announced on completion of each monthly stage of the contest – the names of those who can prove their trading strategies profitable, those who have the largest deposits after two weeks of trading with a virtual $10,000 in their demo accounts. The rest of the participants won't be disappointed – 10 randomly selected contestants will receive consolation prizes!

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